What is Synergenetic Living™?

From The Paris Principle to Synergenetic Living™

Synergenetic Living™ is...

Recognizing the inherent power of connection, realizing and acting with character in adherence to the Quantum Physics discovery that the energy between two atoms contains more power than all the physical atoms combined in the Universe.

The evolution....

The Paris Principle was created as an 8-step process that teaches you to proactively create a reality through your dreams instead of learning lessons through fear, pain and suffering (which is the reality that you are likely creating for yourself right now). Though fear, pain and suffering are not a comfortable space to be in, know that they are the perfect starting place for your reality creation journey.

Over time this process has evolved to more than just a process, it is a way of living. Rick and Grace Paris have developed this new way of living called Synergenetic Living™. 

Synergenetic Living™ is the art and process of recognizing, incorporating, and directing the energy in between physical structures in order to benefit and utilize the exponential power inherent in the connection.

It is a system of recognizing a deeper level of enchantment, (everything is connected). It's a way to instill enchantment into the world, bringing the magic of harmony back to consciousness, without losing individuality.

We are each a spark of god-consciousness combining with possibility and together, (us and possibility) manifest that which we individually call the Universe.

We are 100% responsible and able to change reality in accordance to our will.

Synergenetic Living™

utilizes these basic dynamics and applies them to real life circumstance, and moves the individual into a more complex expression allowing greater freedom and greater power with less effort.

The art of utilizing the future to create the now with a sense of artistic and absolute power, having dominion, without domination.

It is the way of the future, it is the way of evolution. The future creates the present.

Form follows function. Find the function and the form will change.

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We are mimicking the energies of creation, the masculine and the feminine in an eternal dance of perfect equanimity without equality. Click below to see the services we offer.